Marina And The Diamonds

Marina And The Diamonds - Forget lyrics

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Sometimes I think I'm not that strong

But there's a force that carries me on

Sick of my small heart, made of steel

Sick of those wounds that neva heal


Cuz I have lived my life in debt

I've spent my days in deep regret

Yeah, I've been livin' in the red

Oh, cuz I can't forgive & I can't forget (forget)


Forget-et-et, forget-et-et


Ain't no time for regret

Yeah, it's time to forget!

(Verse 2)

Eva since I can remember

Life was like a tippin' scale

Like an abbacus I played with

Countin' every win and fail



(Verse 3)

To be lettin' go, oh, baby, ya know

What I'm talkin' about

Got nothin' to lose & nothin' to prove

Oh baby, I'm bowin' out (I'm bowing out!)


Yeah, I've been dancin' with the devil

I love that he pretends to care

If I'll eva get to heaven

When a million dollars gets you there

Oh, all the time that I have wasted

Chasin' rabbits down a hole

When I was born to be the tortoise

I was born to walk alone



I'm goin' to leave the past behind

I've had enough, I'm breakin' free

No pressin'! Stop => erase => rewind

That chain of thought that followed me

I've put my money where my mouth is

For the first time in my life

I've made mistakes, but I believe

That everythin' was worth the fight

Cuz in the end, the road is long

But only cuz it makes ya strong

It's filled wit peaks & twists & turns

Sometimes ya have to learn to forget about it...

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