Marina And The Diamonds

Marina And The Diamonds - Can’t Pin Me Down lyrics

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You can paint me any color & I can be ur clown

But u ain't got my number, no, u can't pin me down!

Yeah, u can't pin me down, yeah, u can't pin me down!


Now I got ur back up, what do u not like

Do u think I'm stuck-up cuz I'm always pickin' fights

You might think I'm one thing but I am anotha

You can't call my bluff, time to back off, muthafucka!


Do u really want me to write a feminist anthem

I'm happy cookin' dinner in the kitchen for my husband

Yeah, yeah


(Verse 2)

You ain't got me sussed yet, you're not even close

Baby, it's the one thing that I hate the most

All these contradictions pourin' out of me

Just anotha girl in the twenty first century

(Pre-Chorus 2)

I'm neva goin' to give u anythin' that u expect

You think I'm like the othas, u need to get ur eyes checked



I could be ur sister or I could be ur motha

I could be ur friend, or I could be ur luva

Do ya like my body, do ya like my mind?

What is it that you are havin' trouble to define?

(Pre-Chorus 2)

(Chorus x2)

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