Marina And The Diamonds

Marina And The Diamonds - Blue lyrics

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We’ve broken up & now I regret it

I said goodbye when I shouldn’t have said it (said it)

I even cried but I neva meant it

I don’t know why but I can’t forget it (forgeeeet it)


Gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self-esteem

Gimme good & pure, what you waitin' for?

Gimme everythin', all yo heart can bring somethin' good & true

I don’t want to feel Blue anymore (blue)

I don’t want to feel blue anymore (blue)

Gimme, gimme!


Gimme one more night, one last good bye

Let’s do it one last time

Let’s do it one last time

One more time

(Verse 2)

No, I don’t love you, no, I don’t care!

I just wanna be held when I’m scared

& all I want is one night with you

Just cuz I’m selfish, I know it is true...



(Bridge x2)

I’m sick of lookin' after ya

I need a man to hold on to

I’m bored of everythin' we do

But I just keep comin' back to ya


(Chorus x2)

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