Marina And The Diamonds

Marina And The Diamonds - Better Than That lyrics

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You're just anotha in a long line of men she screwed

Just anotha in a long line of men she knew

And yeah she did, yeah she did what she wanted to do

Like all the boys befo', anotha dream come true

It's a power, it's a power, it's a power move!

And while I'm not quite sure what she's tryna prove

They all say she's got low self-esteem

So, why is she lookin' like the cat who got the cream


But u, u can do betta than

You can do better than that


I know you've been feelin' sad

I've got no right to be mad

But u can do better than that

And I know that you're not to blame

You just got caught in a game

But u can do better than that

Betta than that, betta than that

(Verse 2)

She's the apple of everybody's eye

With an angel voice, devil in disguise

Got a sour face like poisoned fruit

That the boys can taste 'till they're out of use

And she'll network till her dreams come true

Even if it means gettin' into bed with u

Everybody's friend, does it ring a bell

I know a little too much, but I'll neva tell




Well, I guess it's just what humans do

Hook up with otha people until it all falls through

And when it's over, they go out & try to heal their pain

Hook up with anotha luva, do it all again

I'm not passin' judgment on her sexual life

I'm passin' judgment on the way she always stuck her knife

In my back eva since we were startin' out

Suspicious from the start, I always had my doubts about you



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