Marie Madeleine

Marie Madeleine - Swimming Pool lyrics

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Drunk, I'm walking with you

Next to the swimming pool

Cold concrete burns my feet

In the early night heat

Five o'clock you and I

Glass falls crushed on the floor

My cold feet red bleeding

I don't care, keep

(Chorus x2)

Singin', singin', dyin', divin'

Fallin', feelin', swimmin', swingin'

Luvin', leavin', Pullin', pushin'

Singin', sinkin', dyin', divin'

In the cold heat of the pool

(Verse 2)

You teased me, I want more

I would restart from here

I feel like I'm a whore

What am I doin', my dear, I'm lost

And I don't know where I am

What I do, you're just a lil girl

I'm just lost in yo world

(Chorus x2)

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