Marcus Manchild

Marcus Manchild - Summers Mine lyrics

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Let me start off like I’ve been focused on my dollars

Not about them blogs, dog, so fuck all of y’all

I’d rather pull up in a car with your broad, dog

In a draws off, here, done sucking my balls off

Am I a lost cause, lost soul?

Lost audience, stick to walking down that dark road

What you know about them top floors?

Elevator ride, when they facing look at their faces

See them haters eyes and you know the flame arise

Hot as when the heat is on

Watch how you speaking, your … you on speakerphone

And they ain’t even got a piece in out, piecing

All these niggas don’t believing, I swear to God that’s on….

Keep it though, bitch your business to you know with the speakers blown

I see recline, head bobbing to the beat, this song

And he ain’t know it ‘cause she singing along

Every words or we are wrong, told you niggas that you couldn’t see me, dog

These bitches making me rich, you pussy niggas take pictures with all these dicks

I’m convinced you niggas homos

So Chris told me fuck the world till the world tell me they can’t take it no more

So, so depth, but I ain’t talking JD, can’t hear that shit, gotta see that shit

Just like it’s HT

And it ain’t a nigga playing me, since I’m in the game, G

This ain’t no attire to say … did you get that?

Did you get that? Like a nigga who fronting, some working, that’s for his brick back

A nigga who bitch who work, get snatched up, get your bitch back

No, you can’t get that, get the fuck with your check up

I did that, everything that you dream of, pussy nigga, I did that

Freestyling out the dummy, everybody can get that

First class when I said it, then I meant that

See, they be waiting there for your mind, break a spine, nigga, see I’m right

Niggas talking about what they doing but I’m really see ‘em like

I’m blowing up like I’m dynamite, I’m the highest kite in the air, nigga

The way I do these pussy niggas ain’t fair, nigga

I got a cigarette lit, that’s that nicotine

I’m a movie star, nigga, put me on the screen

Goddamn, nigga, raspy voice, I’m freestyling and you’re whiling

Now I’m here chilling, got a bitch that’s from the islands

When I get her on the molly she come out the body, she flying with the pilot

Balling, hold on, it’s that turbo shit

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