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Marcus Manchild - STR8 UP lyrics

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Yeah I got it from the bottom nigga straight up

Broke boy I get you way up

Fuck the bitch til it lay up

In LA balling on her like a laker

Got some niggas that will sue you like a weather

I ain’t doin’ no favor

Fuck the whore you better pay up

Fuck that hater, fuck that hater, fuck that hater

Hold on, young ball that’s a burden

Where I live it’s a burden, young boy still working

Soaring like the secret service

So, fake nigga make me nervous

Ooh broke nigga still hurt

I’m like yes you are and I know why

Cuz your bitch always want this type of guy

Me and my niggas put dick in your wife

I swear to God we fuck her alive

Got me some money and move after Katy

Stay on green house that’s right before fry

Every time that we all up in the club

It’s the light sure and they ain’t turn no life

Turbo life, turbo life, kicking that flavor but no simmarise

My nigga ain’t as a weather, we don’t wanna ride

We kick it ? we try all the way out

Say we live here like sheathe, bugggin that bitch as a ?

Don’t bang and ? I got all the way up

Told you we live here like str & up

I got the bottles here, I got the models here

They do like str & up

I got the bottle here, I got the model her

Smoking and spread against

Zipping more Activis

My bitch is killing bitches like terrorist ?

All of these women woarmin of my?

I feel like you helf ?

Slaim any bitches for rich and for ?

Bitch I’m bout the rolles, ? with the scope

My nigga just lose the hores

Zip it and catch it then selling dopes

Str8 they use to be me will get down on the key

Now a nigga wear bad ? from the sea

I’m the greatest of Salley

My nigga playing with a weather

We don’t wanna lie, we don’t wanna ?

Said they living til the str8 up

Don’t pay no money and they on to way up

Told they living til they str8 up

I’ll do like str8 up

I got the bottles here, bottles here

I got the models here

Say what you doing like str8 up

I got the bottles here, bottles here

I got the models here

I keep the models here like water

Souse in that cash and get it all

Ain’t keep it back, got the bad feel

And the niggas not sleeping on the ag

Get the shit bad like the ? name John

That’s in the way to the microphone

I call homie and you leave me alone

Str8 up, fuck, pussy nigga turn it way down and get you hit up

Haters streets we ball nigga ?

On my risk nigga rolling with the ?

Laying off the act, fuck it as the ?

My nigga don’t pass to me

Bad bitch give me free ?

I got the red bottom and just say ?

In the motherfucking club, str8 up

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