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Marcus Manchild - Regular Dude lyrics

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Some regular

So playing

See I'm a regular dude

Only differences I can rap better than you

We both got kids so we settle disputes

Only differences

See me and you fellow,

One more alike that you understand

Picture to my sons with an calculated under head

Motion 'cause I know that if I gave em my all

The little man never play 'cause if he afraid of the ball

I'm just a normal company man wage under

Who happens to write the illest bad page turners

I wanna wave runner sure I wanna Harley

Me I just settle for simply rocking the party

I met the age with the Christ... mid life

Guide by convertibles and stumble in midnight

See I got it out my twenties isn't it funny

I already seen the world and I toured most of the country

I'm like you I need the money for the more

Get in the food and the weddings and the future college courses

Of course this is life and if I said it is true

Sick of good thing I can rap better than you


Yeah I'm just a regular dude,

Only differences I can rap better than you

We both got kids so we settle disputes

Only differences I can rap better than you

Both rival on the highway and settle the cruise

Only differences I can rap better than you

See I'm a regular dude, only differences I can... (rap better than you)

In a world you can rap the player field will be level

Game of entertainment I'm not especially special

Every day I will low the loan the songs and write songs about that

Every time you wrote the check you most certainly bounce back

Every man will answer battle certain that they take the cash

Just in time to... to show up and open it they take it back

Every average joke it take a group of friends surround

And make it classic album to get love in the underground

Each and every mail will get caused the... like the bill

Would feel up too fast and all I hear is not tonight

Man shout raps like the gather fix my real breaks

Anybody chock it up the simple hear say

Luckily that world is far away and flip the pit

Mix the plix as it is you got ears to listen with

We both shot cause it better than...

Only differences I rap better than you

It goes one for the mortgage

2 for vacation days

3 for the songs that you local color station plays

4 for my war shop enough to split a raiser play

5 for the listen up play that you take away

If we both this casual

Both hate kacky pants,

Both pose watching those commercials with the cashing dance

Both fall victim to an avalanche of popping stands

Both just play no play not a glance

And guess what man child is under my skin

And luckily my people say they want it again

My pen running over time I sin it to the pencil

And best believe you when I see your real potential

When you greed out say it when you speak out

Feel free to live through the method in my free style

Whether I'm in car pool and seven cruise

I still think that I'm a regular dude

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