Marc Goone

Marc Goone - Lamborghini Tears

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Money, money, money all i know

Spend it, spend it cannot take it when I'm gone

If happiness elude me after all my years

I'll have Lamborghini leather just to wipe my tears


Lamborghini leather just to wipe my tears

Sip on 46 Macallan just to drown my fears

I dont run away from problems i just board my leer

All I eva wanted was to be a billionaire

If I get low, bet my money don't

Got gwala to blow, they like whoa

Black Aventador, take off here I go

Golden plated bong to smoke my weed out

Michelin 3 starring when I eat out

Rollin out red carpet for my feet now

Em rajatakowskis get with me now

Butler got a butler muthafucka

Don't cuff her I just I fuck her motherfucker

Got fluffers ‘fore i fuck her motherfucker

Truffles on the duck i had for supper

Spend and spend and spend whateva I well please

Cry myself to sleep at night on Charlotte thomas sheets


(Verse 2)

I'll pour that moet lets have a party

Then do blow yep off of her body

She dream of Corvettes I got Ferraris

Her bucket list look like my normal Monday hobbies

I'mma give the key note at the avns

Livin like a cheat code when you play the sims

Said she gon give me deep throat with like all her friends

My pockets fat as cee lo after 80 wings (got plenty tings)

Think you stunting in yo hemi whoa

Till' I pull up in the venemo

Then I pull up the Bentley, woah

I got many many many more

Got a jet that i could show her got a yacht that i could boat her

You ain't even in my muthafucking sphere

I'm just reving up the motor when I feel a lil lower

Let the Lamborghini leather dry my tear



I let that Lamborghini leather dry my tear

I do 110 I'm on the highway watch me veer

I'm doing pulls of Louis thirteen ain't no reason i should steer

And got no plan but I be headed out of here

You know I'm shining check my wrist and check my ear

And all my diamonds look like water cuz they clear

I'm doing pulls of yamazaki as i shift into 6th gear

And if i cry the Lambo leather dry my tear

I got that blood red leather round my lambo wheel

Bad red bone at home she know the deal

Oxycodone in me keep popping pills

I let that lamborghini leather dry my tears

I got remind me that this life I'm living real

Doin' 190 round a corner just for thrill

I'm doing pulls of johnnie walker ain't no hands up on the wheel

And if die they'll bury me in ysl

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