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Mans Zelmerlow - The Core of You lyrics

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All the emotion, all that I'm hopin' I can feel

All of the fire, all the desire can come back again

And all that I need is a part of me to see all of u now & foreva

Now all that matters, I won't let it shatter eva again

Oh & don't hate me, leave me now, I'm breakin'

I can't change this, won't leave it as it is


It'll neva break, I will always wait 'til we see it thru'

I will neva lie, I will always fight for the core of u

And all these words thru' all these years, just trust what will be

Neva want to break & don't u eva change the core of u

The core of u

(Verse 2)

It's just a feelin' without really knowin' it's back again

Can't really listen like sumethin' is missin', will it eva end?

I'm tired of wishin', all of the dreamin', will I eva win? Doesn't matter

All of these battles must be for sumethin', what does it mean?



Neva want to break, my heart'll always ache to the core for u


Just because of this

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