Man Overboard

Man Overboard - Splinter

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Left her car unlocked, stayin' outside

Still no sign of him, she feels alright

She went back home again to compare

With the place she’s in

Starin' at her car under the streetlight

If I’m allowed to stay, & if I wanna stay

I’ll change everythin', cos' u were everythin'

If I had my way, I would fix you up instead

Of always piss u off

If u neva come home, then you really must know

I adored u, & I adore u now

If I’m really alone, then I really must go

Grab my book bag, make my way back home

Left her keys inside

No one cares now

There’s nowhere left to hide, she’s splitting hairs now

She doesn’t like it here & now to her it’s all quite clear

Starin' at this place she’s goin' home now

She’s askin 'how did I let everythin' get so nasty?'

You’re goin' home now with somethin' u wanted

You’re goin' home now with somethin' u want

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