Man Overboard

Man Overboard - Now That You're Home

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Now that you’re home, you know I want to be with you

Wherever you roam, I need you and you need me too

No matter how far, I’m sayin’ your name every day

And findin’ out that this place is now just like a dream I had


Let it go back to the way it was again,

I’m gluin’ up the paper scraps

So they once again spell out the name of the place I’m in, with you

Find a way back to the place we were before,

I’m thinkin’ that it’s just so dumb to keep

Livin’ like the whole world owes us somethin’ more, we do


Now that you’re home, I think that I should be with you

But still I feel alone

I really think you need me too no matter how far(no matter how far)

I’m sayin’ your name all the time

I’m findin’ out this place is now just like a dream of mine



I’ve been on the run and now it seems like all the happiness is gone, you made it go away

You’ve been on the run, do you feel more than human on the run?

Why’d you make it go away? X 2


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