Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - Viral Release lyrics

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Hostility released into

Unsuspecting masses

Radical gestation period

It's time approaching faster

When the process is unleashed

All the world shall be done

Draw in your last breath

Pump the last of your blood

Psychotic creation

Bred on hate

No stopping is involved

It's genetic fate

Organisms collide

Split and divide

Flesh slowing melts

Infecting on virus cells

Crushing of the spirit

Depression now unfolds

Body breaking down

Cure is unknown

No one civilian

Is above its grasp

Locked into disease

One and all are trapped

It's feeding on your weakness

Process takes its toll

Twisted internal pain

Pathogens freely flow

Bacterium infested

Putrificated rot

Antibiotics useless

Feeble pill and shot

Bodies litter the landscape

Is it what it seems

Organs are internally raped

Could it be conspiracy

Cataclysmic extent

Impending virulence

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