Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - To Kill lyrics

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[music Fasciana , Rubin / lyrics Blachowicz]

Over wart, wrest, abusion

Misused, twisted faith

Urgeful lust to prevail

Master of this reign


Frenzy, a madman's wrath

Furious maniac

Forced to an abundant rage

Malpractice, hostile acts

Thoughts, forcing them into your brain

Insane, malicious ill willed being

Grudge, a virulent disorder

Hatred to those who oppose your fate


Deranged evildoer

Despire, abusive menace

Carnal pest, epidemic

Fatal, vexing plague


Driven scourge, pessimist

Vermin blore, drenched with filth


To kill

Over wart......

....twisted faith

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