Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - Pursuit Revised lyrics

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I am released

So the game begins again

I am released

I am more than just a friend

I am released

Your image burned in my brain

I am released

Now you , too, will feel my pain

I'm coming, for my lust

I'm closing, smell your blood

I'm coming, just want to touch

I'm closing, don't even try to run

Once you escaped my advances

This time I will not be stopped

Your image makes me frantic

This time I will not be caught

I know you feel me

When I'm lurking

Around corners

I can't contain

The lust just seathes out

I try to reach out

From the darkness of shadows

I can't forget

And now pursuit revised

I am released

The tears stream down your face

Pursuit revised

Time for you

To accept your fate

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