Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - No Salvation lyrics

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[music Fasciana / lyrics Blachowicz]

Form emerges, cultists scatter

Unleashed torrent, prodigal son

When he adapts, sent forth is strength

When he does not, initiation ends

Seas will turn red with his blood

And the earth black, his charred soul

No dare to deceive

Human race will fall

Hell spawn

Bathe in fear, dormant truth

How she writhes, sacrifice

Priest emereges, only to fall

Screams from beyond, transfixed and repulsed

Revenge served cold , banished to hell

Healed by fear, fueled by hate

None dare to deceive

Human race will fall

Mandatory or destruction

Chaos enters, conjurations

No salvation, Mournful sorrow

Unleashed torrent, takes the mortals' lives.

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