Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - Mindlock lyrics

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One gesture and his bidding is done.

Lost souls in search of a man to be delivered into his hands.

Ordering his flock to murder on command.

These the twisted thoughts of one single man.

Now that you have become one with his mind.

Death inclined, can't escape the mindlock.

One word falls from his lips.

Blood adorns their knives.

Taste the innocence as it drips.

Taking control of the unknown.

His word is their law, never to be broken.

Vow of silence is taken on.

Captured in this trance of his mind - lock.

Experiencing life through the finality of death.

All tongues lash at the air.

Tasting your last breath.


The command once more set forth.

To conquer all of the living world.

His way of murder will always endure.

Population exposed to hatred.

Body count rapidly advancing.

Violence rises from decay.

Rampant bidding, well entranced.

Rid the world of all the LIVING!

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