Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - Kill Zone lyrics

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Air superiority

Key to victory

Intense attack no one lives

Bury none burned alive

Charge is on no turning back

Kill or die is the only plan

Push ahead not to stem

Kill zone

Gun is drawn rounds explode

Tearing flesh blood it flows

Shrapnel flying searing flesh

Count the kills are they fresh

Claymores pop droping limbs

Notify next of kin

Pushing on take the ground

Carpet bomb unatural pound

Blood soaked clothing

It ain't mine

Barrels are smoking

Clouding my mind

Orders dropping from the top

Annihilate at all cost

Stack up kills fighting on

Achieving outcome we have won

Driving back the enemy

Bodies drop for all to see

Shells drop for all to see

Screaming on kill email

Kill zone, kill zone

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