Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - In Cold Blood lyrics

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No chance for survival

spilling innocent blood

Cries of the undead

too deafening to ignore

Craving desire

Into the terror unknown

Never to live again

Life pulled inside out

There's no escape

from this addiction


Acting inhuman

Fierce kisses bruise

Blue lips and white skin

Veins pump with fear

Flow for destruction

Blind stench of death

Warm blood on red hands

Now left to dead

motionless body

Have no remorse

Soulless obsession

Black heart of stone

Cold satisfaction

The hunter and the hunted

Killing for gain

Violence erupts

like sulfur to a flame

Into the heart of hell

Only life even known

Not afraid to die

Battle lines are drawn

There's no escape......

.....cold satisfaction

Allies in this war

have nothing to lose

Take life for game

Slaughter never ends

Allies in this war

their live force divine

Falling to their knees

The end of the line

In cold blod....

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