Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - Genetical Affliction lyrics

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Substantiate the right to hate

Violent shape takes on meaning

Passed down through the ages

Genetic spiral mutates

Growing affliction slices fate

One need,one soul,out of control

Wanders the world in search of hate

Genetic spiral mutates

Violence instilled

Aberated need to kill

No rational reason

To explain your bleeding,bleeding


Rise,anxiety grows in me

Alive,emotional pittance of life

Unleash,torn from the womb to bleed

Condemned,wreaking murder floods my sight

Letting of blood,evolved through time

Eventual demise,obsession of the crime

Cantankerous objective

Carnal thoughts guide the mind

Step inside this soul

Blood of others,your only find

Growing epidemic swells

Means of killing forever grow

Life has no meaning or cause

Feeling blood's valve flow

Violence never ceases

Entrapped by tis pull

Normal life is fleeting

Genetical affliction

Caught up in the demon race

To conquer all of life

Anxious sweat falls from the face

Genetical affliction


Generations continue to explode

Violence mutating

Afflication overflows

Genetic affliction

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