Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - Eternal lyrics

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[Music Fasciana / lyrics Blachowicz]

Wasted flesh, stripped from life, now you die

Hear no more, feelings numb, gone the sky

Loss of sight, no sun no dawn

To an end your life is drawn

Subconscious, all now damned

Hear me , where 's my soul

No hope, endless cries

Mind not dead , body lies

Void beyond hellfilled fate, shadows descend

Shroud of dark, rest no peace, time to end

Blackened dreams , pours black rain

No way out, unfelt pain

Strangled, a victim ravaged, let me out

Murdered , damned to this , try to flee, useless


Swollowed in a hole filled black

Deny this curse, no turning back

End this life of misery

Don't want to hear, don't want to see

Voice beyond, blackened fate , no escape

Time to end your life

Raped and torn away from life

Born to unseen light

Soul is lost, no will to fight

An unseen force strips all migth

Void beyond ......

............end your life

Damned to darkness

Damned to this hell

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