Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - All That Remains lyrics

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Measures of hate, only few can understand

For their beliefs, these horrendous plans

Prepare to die... from youth they are taught

To achieve a certain peace, to be martyred next to God

Believing, achieving, fulfilling the killings

Their only known way of life

Live have been planned out strategically mapped now for

When its their time

No fears that they possess, device strapped to their chest

Brainwashed by their faith, a lost hypnotic state

Driven all through the life by what they think is right-

Human missile launched, religious holocaust

All that remains, promises are made

All that remains, the innocent are slain

All that remains, a foreseen place of rest

All that remains for their lives are their deaths

The numbers grow with time, destruction in their minds

These recruits await, a chance for heavens gates

People gripped with fear not knowing when death is near

Bloodsheds will arise, no regrets of who will die

Honored by their deeds, those with the same beliefs

Helpless towards these acts, unseen ruthless attacks

No end to this in sight, all treaties failed thru time

Blood now fills the streets, a vision that repeats

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