Main Flow

Main Flow - Boomtown

rate me

I’ve been in the world war

I need some status

Give me the rule clown

I can break the wall down

Take the history, it’s full of boomtown

This is what you call the game

I’m professionall

Teach the flow

The breathe is fast

I can turn trees into cash

Everyday I get a king size and cash

Fan again, be happy your man is here

I’m here to win

Cincinnati, Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Cincinnati

We are brothers like the eyes

No request

They say I am a blessing

But when I drink

I get crazy like Oktoberfest

Pick a game

And bullets start to shade

The summers is 98 degrees like in a Mercedes

I’m fighting the dogs

Last time I saw life and bugs

He’s just a little man

More attention and the fugitive slave

Cincinnati, Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Cincinnati

The game is just to take over

The game is just to take over

I like to hit at the roses when I’m in town

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