Maher Zain

Maher Zain - Paradise

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I remember when I first met you

I felt that God answered my call

There was that one place I always thought about

And I just wanted to be there with you

The place that no eye has ever seen

The place that no heart has ever perceived

I had a great feeling inside of me

That one day I’ll be there with you


And now that we’re here feeling so good

About all the things that we went through

Knowing that God is pleased with us too

It’s not a dream, this is so true

Feeling the peace all around

Seeing things we could never imagine

Hearing the sound of rivers flow

And we know we’ll be here forever

The feeling is indescribable

Knowing that this is our reward

Do you remember the hard times we went through?

And those days we used to argue

But there was not one thing that could bring us down

‘Cause we always had in our minds

The place that no eye has ever seen

The place that no heart has ever perceived

The place we’ve been promised to live in forever

And best of all, it’s just me and you


I remember us praying at night

And just dreaming about this together

I’m so blessed to have you in my life

And now we can enjoy these blessings forever

Paradise is where we are now

Paradise, a dream come true

Paradise, O what a feeling!

Paradise, thank You Allah!


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17 Comments found

Thursday 30th of May 2013 12:19
Maher zain you win my heart for alk of ur songs thank youu god bless you
Tuesday 19th of March 2013 13:55
i love maher zain so much and i say thank you sooooo much for all this
Friday 15th of February 2013 20:36
i love u maher soo mush i love your songs and keep going in this great and awsome job god bless u
Sunday 3rd of February 2013 18:37
maher zain allah yoluna aç&#305;k etsin
Tuesday 1st of January 2013 14:43
best song :D
Friday 16th of November 2012 19:29
i m so proud of you mahaer amasing song im from morroco thank you for all you doing for islam
Friday 16th of November 2012 19:27
very amasing song ya rab yassir laho amraho wa fta7 laho abwaba ljana ya rab amin im so proud of you
Tuesday 4th of September 2012 18:56
it's amazing song you're the best maher zine . you are an example for the youth thank you
Monday 2nd of July 2012 11:24
we all love you maher zain amazing machaellah
Monday 2nd of July 2012 11:22
really machae allah you are the best i love all your album hope nchaellah to hear more this amazing music
Tuesday 26th of June 2012 18:11
i love maher zain in allah
Tuesday 26th of June 2012 18:10
you mazing
Wednesday 6th of June 2012 23:08
cool song, :)
Wednesday 18th of April 2012 12:15
Sunday 15th of April 2012 08:41
So amazing .. Love u Maher Zain