Video Premiere: Madonna shares Turn Up The Radio fun video

Video Premiere: Madonna shares Turn Up The Radio fun videoThe 53-year-old pop songstress Madonna brings lot of joy and good time in her new music video for her latest single "Turn Up the Radio". Premiered on her VEVO Channel, the clip comes out couple of days after she teased a short video and follows Madge as she is being driven away through Italy, in the backseat of a convertible, refusing to talk and smile for the paparazzi. But, instead she picks up some hunks along the way and greets her fans with smiles.

The five minutes and a half music video was filmed in Florence, Italy while she was on tour to support her studio album MDNA where the single is listed. Tom Munro, who previously helped the singer direct "Give It 2 Me" video, reportedly sat behind the lens in this visuals. Behind her sunglasses Madonna's face appears incredibly smooth and wrinkle-free, and her body somehow remains that of a twenty-something dancer. She looks relaxed on the back seat and very friendly with her young male driver.

The song was co-produced by Martin Solveig. "We were working with no limits," he told MTV News. "I think the only thing that she said when we started was, 'I just want people to be able to dance to my music and connect easily with my music,' and also probably to take some risks at some point."

Madonna's new video "Turn Up the Radio"

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It has been a tough week for Madonna as it is was announced that she was set to be sued by two separate parties. The singer caused outrage when an image of Marine Le Pen, who heads the far right National Front, with a Swastika across it appeared at the pop singer's sell-out concert in Paris on Saturday, july 14.

This led to Florian Philippot, the FN's vice-president, saying the party could not accept "such an odious comparison". He added, "This is just another provocation in Madonna's world tour so that people will talk about her. Marine Le Pen will defend not only her own honor but her supporters and the millions of National Front voters."

Madonna is scheduled to perform in Nice, France on August 21.