Listen: New track of Madonna's new album surfaced online 'I'm Addicted'

Listen: New track of Madonna's new album surfaced online 'I'm Addicted'Madonna's tracks from the upcoming album M.D.N.A. keep leaking online. This time a one-minute track has surfaced called "I'm Addicted", a song with electronic beats and couple of lyrics from Madge: "Something happens to me when I hear your voice/ Something happens to me and I have no choice". "And I can't get enough, and it fits like a glove/ I'm addicted to your love," she also adds. Later, to the end of the track she repeats the title of the album itself : "M-D-N-A".

Recently, during an invite-only listening party for the album took place at The Agency Group in New York, Madge performed lyrics from a song called "I Don't Give A" which reportedly targets ex-husband Guy Ritchie: "I tried to be a good girl/ I tried to be your wife/ Diminished myself," part of them read.

The album itself is going to come out in the United States on March 26th. In a recent interview, the Material Girl described the album as "unapologetically happy." She elaborated her statement, "I think we all need to dance a bit more these days." "The world needs a breather, and [DJ/producer] Martin [Solveig] knows how to put a smile on people's faces. And, of course, I have my partner-in-crime, William Orbit, helping me out with the substance. MDNA is a good hybrid of the introspective and fun."

Take a listen to Madonna's new track in here.

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