Madison - Uncertain Tensions

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Tomorow is another day, I would be fine<br />

But I'm tired of being last in line<br />

Please tell me now, before I find out, for myself<br />

I wish that I could walk away, but I have to stay<br />

Wish tomorrow was another day<br />

But it's not, I'm all cought up<br />

<br />

I feel so alone<br />

I sit by the phone<br />

Always wondering why you never really wanted to call<br />

I said I'm sorry<br />

I don't mean maybe<br />

I just wanted you to know<br />

If you wanted to stay<br />

I would have walked away<br />

Please let me now<br />

Where I should go<br />

<br />

Tomorrow was another day, and we could wait<br />

I don't see why, we waste our time<br />

If you wanted to know my thoughts, then we could have talked<br />

You're out of line, and out of time<br />

<br />

Tomorrow is another day, so we can wait<br />

And I don't mind, waste your time<br />

Tomorrow was another day, that we could wait <br />

And I don't mind, waste your time

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