Madison - Sleepless Under Stoplights

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Stare down at the sky<br />

Start to wonder how<br />

These things won't work out<br />

It leaves me feeling down<br />

You follow the road<br />

Never letting go<br />

These feelings are intangible <br />

And I can't let go<br />

<br />

Since when did hugs hurt<br />

I feel so alone<br />

Since when did hugs hurt<br />

Lying on the floor<br />

<br />

So how many times<br />

I fell asleep at night<br />

Just thinking of you<br />

I'm starting to lose<br />

Counting the days<br />

Your picture starts to fade<br />

You were my only friend<br />

I think I'll let go<br />

<br />

Memories of the past we had<br />

Needles in my back<br />

Forgotten hopes of you

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