Madison - Green Teen Ice Cream

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Say what you want to say<br />

All of you are blind<br />

I sit here wasting time with you and now<br />

Tired of these games <br />

It hurts inside to know that <br />

I sould have realized that my time with me <br />

Can't hold back my fears, would you tell me why I'm here<br />

Please tell me why, why I'm here<br />

<br />

And now I say so long, where did I go wrong<br />

Our time apart will break my heard<br />

Pack up your things and leave<br />

Just so I can breathe<br />

Our time apart will break my heart<br />

<br />

Apologies won't count<br />

Things never work out<br />

Don't understand my life<br />

Nothing seems right<br />

<br />

Letting go the past,<br />

Time travels fast<br />

I'm not full of answers<br />

But you're full of questions<br />

Lasted all this time<br />

Rollercoaster ride<br />

<br />

Can't stand these dreams<br />

Have me on my knees<br />

I have to get away<br />

Please don't ask if you can stay<br />

I have to find a place where I can hide my face<br />

Leave them left behind<br />

Can't be wasting my time<br />

I need to be alone<br />

I can't even go home <br />

Don't need my friends<br />

Belong to the end<br />

The moon is falling

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