Madison - Gang Fights With Irish Accents

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I'm now improved.<br />

Got my drift back.<br />

That makes your... Makes your heart attack.<br />

For what it's worth I could break you.<br />

I'd still make you want this back.<br />

<br />

At once you were the one that I threw my dependence on.<br />

There's nothing wrong with it so wipe your tears and take it off.<br />

Can you bleed? <br />

Can you breathe?<br />

You used to know everything.<br />

<br />

Fake, fake the words I wrote down.<br />

Break, break the boy you couldn't see because he's not searching for your sympathy.<br />

The way your voice sounds... Promises made to me.<br />

So take these words and drink alone tonight.<br />

<br />

You haven't called him since September. <br />

So predictable.<br />

The truth is penathol has finally got the best of you.<br />

You want a gang fight, but while your boozing I hope your cruising.<br />

<br />

This is a new revolution, white faced and under attack.<br />

A struggle for revival, the smoke didn't flow to my back.<br />

What is this content, his opinion.<br />

You'll never take me alive, you'll never win.<br />

<br />

So hope for a slow death.<br />

Your hand shakes; you know you're next.<br />

Look what you did to yourself<br />

Lies, lies you've all been sold.<br />

Starstruck, you take that road.<br />

<br />

Because all your feelings took the best of me.

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