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Madea's Family Reunion movie - In Control

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Song by B-Band<br /><br>

chorus:You think you're better than me but you're not you're just hating on me cuz im hot and you know that I'm in control<br>

baby you think you're better than me but you're wrong and guess why I'm singing this song is to let you know I'm in control<br>


verse 1:You,Know that I am fresh,you know that I am clean but there's something that you need to know about me.You can't<br>

seem to understand that I am in command and that I have to approve of everything that you do.<br>


Verse 2:You,Have to go when I say go.Cuz guess who's running this show(It's me)Just wanted to let you know.And if you have a<br>

problem with that you come to my face with that and then just wait and you'll see what I'll do.<br>


Bridge:What's the problem what's the deal I'm just tryin to keep it real..Why can't you just understand when I say that I'm<br>

in command I'm in control and you know it too so why can't you just play by my rules.What's ya problem what's ya deal just<br>

talk to me just keep it real.<br>

Chorus x2<br>

Fades Out!<br>


[Thanks to Avril for lyrics]<br>


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