Madea's Family Reunion movie

Madea's Family Reunion movie - Family Reunion

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Song by The O'Jays<br /><br>

It's so nice to see<br>

All the folks you love together<br>

Sittin' and talkin' 'bout<br>

All the things that's been goin' down<br>


It's been a long, long time<br>

Since we had a chance to get together<br>

Nobody knows the next time we see each other<br>

Maybe years and years from now<br>


Family reunion (Got to have)<br>

A family reunion<br>

Family reunion<br>

(It's so nice to come together) To come together<br>

(To get together)<br>


I wish grandma could see<br>

The whole family<br>

I sure miss her face<br>

And her warm and tender embrace<br>


And if grandpa was here<br>

I know he'd be smiling for me a tear<br>

To see what he has done<br>

All the offsprings from his daughters and sons<br>


A family reunion (Gonna have)<br>

A family reunion (Ooh, ooh)<br>

Family reunion<br>

(It's so nice to come together) To come together<br>

(To get together)<br>




At least once a year we should have<br>


Family reunion<br>

A family reunion (We need to do it for the young )<br>

Family reunion<br>

(It'll be nice, it'll be nice to come together) To come together<br>

To get together<br>


Family reunion (Sister knows, heaven knows)<br>

A family reunion (It's good to see you)<br>

Family reunion (I said we are sinkin' hands, makin' plans)<br>

(Maybe next year) To come together (Maybe next year)<br>


A family reunion (Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...)<br>

A family reunion (We gotta have, we gotta have)<br>

Family reunion (It'll be nice, it'll be so nice)<br>

(To come together) To come together<br>

(To get together)<br>


You know the family is the solution to the world's problems today<br>

Now let's take a look at the family<br>

In the family the father is like the head, the leader, the director<br>

Not domineering, but showing love, guidance<br>

For everyone else in the family<br>

Now if we could get all the fathers of the world<br>

To stand up and be fathers<br>

That would be great<br>

Then we have mothers<br>

Who are the right arm of the father<br>

There's supposed to-to-to do the cooking<br>

Raise the children, do the sewing<br>

And help the father to guide and direct<br>

Then there's the son<br>

The son, most sons are like imitators of their father<br>

So we're back again to the father<br>

And he is guiding in the right way<br>

The son is definitely gonna be alright<br>

Then we have the daughter<br>

Watching her mother<br>

Be-because sooner or later she's gonna be a mother<br>

And she'll have her own sons and daughters<br>

It don't, it don't just stop there with the family or<br>

Of-of yours or mine<br>

It's a universal family<br>

Under one divine purpose<br>

And one divine father<br>

That is if we all come together no matter what color, race, creed<br>

Because that's all in the head whether you wanna believe it or not<br>

'Cause you'll bleed<br>



Family, family reunion<br>

It'll be nice, so nice, so nice<br>


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