Macklemore - Letterhead Remix

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I've been obsessed with words ever since I was a little buck

Then I grew bigger and figured drawing pads weren't big enough

I wanted to use a wall, but in school was taught not to

And that graffiti was the root of all evil

It's just letters and making them unnatural shapes

So clean caps, surgical masks is actually sayin activate

To coat our empire

Liftin' mad cans of paint from Fred Meyers

Empty 'em out under bridges and walls of alleyways

Givin the graph task force a sour taste

The same flavor that makes haters salivate

It was my goal as a minor, caught a felony, so now what they

I don't struggle to prove nothing to you

I get a head full of letters,

I'm cuttin 'em loose, speakin the truth

Cousin, it ain't a gift, it's a habit

Whether good or bad, I won't regret it when I'm lookin back

Cause I'm a letterhead

I'm a letterhead

So don't sweat the technique

When I represent me

Get em

Lunch time, I was tryin to bring that realness back

Fuck the lunch line, cause I ain't have no sprill or sprash

I was on the way to Fred Meyers just to fill my bags

Steppin in the home improvement section with my sticky hands

That's why I got these baggy pants, to conceal the stash

But undercover security can't conceal his badge

I know every single camera that this building has

And I racked so many cans that I'm almost feeling bad

That's exactly what a bad look ain't

Cause it's quite good, like the backwood taste

And I never stole a Snickers but I have took paint

So hello my name is pickers in the black book, thanks

Shit, I'd be admired if I was trying harder

But I'm a riot starter, beef igniter

Just a street writer but I hope to die a martyr

Freedom fighter, woulda stolen pilot marker

Why you got all that spray paint on your finger tips?

Cause I'm a letterhead

I'm a letterhead

So don't sweat the technique

While I represent me

I was just a kid in Seattle doin kick flips in a flannel

With some fat cats, I wracked off midget enamels

In Cali, they rhyme chateaus with mellows

My posse was on Broadway, scribin on the Metros

Gettin pound by the bus driver

"Hell nah! "

I was a letterhead, my life was graffiti

Letters I lived, I put pride in that mean street

Adventures to your ribs, I'm not goin to the precinct

You can buff me, you can cuff me

You can't stop me

I'm young, cocky, gettin up with my sharpie

Michelangelo with the concrete

That little ball in the paint can was the metronome to my heart beat

I put my freedom on the line, for the letters on the walls

Shubu, patriot, flat black up in my palm

Cherry red in my blood, I bleed the ink through my arms

It's like America bombin buildings and not gettin caught

Nope I'm not gettin caught

Cause I'm a letterhead

Yes I am, I've been tellin you that

Don't sweat the technique, while I'm killing these beats


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