Machines Of Loving Grace

Machines Of Loving Grace - Burn Like Brilliant Trash (at Jackie's Funeral)

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Whispered ravens stab rhythm and blues

Kick off your flares and platform shoes

And burn like brilliant trash at Jackie's funeral

This machine has gone insane

We're powered-up power slaves

So we burn like brillliant trash at Jackie's funeral

Burn, baby, burn

White house rapist, soul disease

Invested with godlike authority

Light 'em up, do as you please

And burn like brilliant trash (eternity)

Where is now your American dream

I saw him down on the street pimping

Not for sale at any price

Fisher king do what you like

I supplied the molten lead in Jackie's lifelike dream

I survived while Ruby died in Jackie's trashy fantasy

And we burn and we burn and we burn and we burn

Slippery angels gone astray

Holy man can you say

I pledge allegiance to this array of

Insanity, destruction and decay

Uzi merciless girl

Where do you land, the man of this world

We're stripped down to bleeding or dying

Or scrawling on walls meaningless words

Burn, baby, burn

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