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Mac Miller - Winner ft Young Scolla lyrics

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[Mac Miller: Verse 1]

and when its night time with the shine of the city lights,

same day different mic what you living like,

travel around the country always at the airport different flights,

its anything but the simple life,

i break em off fuck a magistrate,

and i laugh at hate,

revenge a dish served cold y'all can grab a plate,

grab a tape toward the money and the fame

but it aint all what it seem boy just another game,

know wii, xbox, or ps3 just good weed and some henny you can leave me be,

maybe find me in the west coast like ez e,

they in a coma been asleep for weeks,

but now they waking up,

they notice that the youngin got skill,

ya im white but you cant put a color on ill,

i got my own thing going for me,

sip lean so they move in slow motion for me,

just a juvenile but these bets is moving over for me,

cold glass of henny so they go and grab a coaster for me,

life a fuckin roller coaster homie,

whats my name? bitch you were supposed to know me

[Chorus: Young Scolla]

just forget all that bullshit mane

leave it to the lames

im just trying to make it in the game

i can do it all

still gonna end up winning

that's just what i saw

right from the beginning

they gone change

i was born to be a winner!

i was born to be a winner!

[Mac Miller: Verse 2]

its just me and my team that's all that matters yeah,

live my life right and just be happy here,

aint no white light, bitch i got my whole life ahead of me,

architecture my life but you cant design my destiny,

all the family that i lost, rest in peace,

wish you was here to see me catch my dream,

iv chased my shadow now im on another level,

at the playground playing freeze tag with the devil,

i aint gonna sell my soul tho,

this music worth more then hoes, boats, and polo,

no college but bet i win the rose bowl,

the way i smoke got my moms going loco,

live on my own now paying rent and shit,

when life stress gets thick you need some sedatives,

a little weed and a little bit of liquor,

make me forget about this bullshit im into,


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