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Mac Miller - Weekend lyrics

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I got a lil bit of money feeling my pockets

Roll around like I run this shit

I got a system filled up wit toxins

I been broke at heart and I was fuck that bitch

Gettin' high to deal wit my pro'lems

Fucking bitches and gettin' drunk as shit

But these bitches gettin' obnoxious

They nothin' to me tho' I love this shit

Go long days, longer nights

Talk too much, the wrong advice

All the lights, and call my life

Doctor, doctor, will ya help me

Keep me healthy, keep it lowest ya can help me

Ain't shit ya can tell me now

First rap shipment, selling out

Ooh shit, my new bitch jealous now

Smoking weed at the crib watchin' Belly now

All the pain that they causing like fuck it we balling now everythin' straight

Ya feelin' the feelin', I'm chillin', just livin', I'm livin' away

Conversations we havin' I'm gettin' too static, too much on my plate

Lord I need me a break


But I be good by the weekend

I be good by the weekend

Everythin' good by the weekend

Everythin' will be good by the weekend

We goin' out tonight, yeah we goin' out tonight, like fuck it

We goin' out tonight, yeah we goin' out tonight, fuck it

We goin' out tonight, yeah we goin' out tonight

(Verse 2)

I been havin' trouble sleepin'

Battlin' these demons

Wondering what's the thing that keeps me breathin'

Is it money, fame or neither?

I been thinkin' about the places that are frequent

All the people that I see, I started living decent

But what we do to be a G?

Only time I fall behind, bitches in the concubine are callin' mind crazy

And God is how he made water wine, pause in time

It's common, they often hate me

Neva will I walk in line, I cross the T's and dot the I's

Wonderin' well, wondering how I got this high

Fell and asleep and forgot to die, god damn

I'm popping them dollas and drinking them powders, faded

Get it ova the counter, I'm stuck on the browsers like how did I make it

These bitches don't know me, this shit is so lonely until she get naked

Don't even know what today is


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