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Mac Miller - Walkin Home lyrics

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Grab some money, I know he’s telling all my plans for reveling a tought

The music i’m here interventing power no generator

It’s the same me just a couple new developments

They seeling us some dreams

We couldn’t ball out cuz they were gettin on free

I speak fopr the desease and I’m missunderstood

I left in the both few minuts but it still all good

I push and beat we’re in the band

It’s not the fucking belli

Fuck your feeling and your friends you will not corect me

I do this incorectly

You can murder same messy dancing with your lefy

It’s been the fucking Elvis Presly

What do you do when you only get high?

Til you call all and connect, you’re connected was bright

Time to ball team, you can do the forth

Now your pleasure seems to start into a worth

I take morpheine and drink chlorine

Hit the zone, see the line

Cage just have a orgy

Drink W40 tell the boys stories about make believe glory

It’s that back ally, both fire

Make sure you sitting up like

I risk to broght you pussy

Bring your balley and she come twice

I never read the horse grow

Go to see the..i ignore those

Just a couple words for my mottor snow

Time travel try to give back but the portal close

On to run game bitch I rolled her

I missed her, drift her, everything it’s for the rules

I’m playing dominos with the time afford

Use a hundred dollars quickly, guess is all on

And everybody got a apart of gold

Even if it’s just a fifty in the country way

Start to understand we are not alone

Try to figure out the difference between hard and toles

She gets real but she gotta go

Got some rocking roll when you walking home

Yeah, walking home, walking home

Just a couple wags and walking home

Looking out my freedom as I’m walking home

Looking at streets as I’m walking home

Looking at my dremas as I’m walking home

It’s safe when we walking home

When we walkin home

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