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Mac Miller - The Jesuits lyrics

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From yeah from from from from

Right out the back yard

Thymes at the crack .. the facts are.. for the cash for the caviar

Left hearts staying out the way or back karma

And black tour cover demons when they have drama

You lack tryin to hope but it ain’t workin’ out

Let’s guardian and take a new ruin to a surface now

In my mind is perverted fow, wow,

My time you gotta earn it now,

I didn’t in circus round a lava

Bitches comin over just to twerk around the casa.

Yeah let me see that ass bitch,

Ha ha, yeah, ass,

Further man we get the Flower

Arose her, let her put her mouth in my trousers

Woke up made a couple million for a shower,

Spend the hour with Jack power

And the kids rock the power watching television

But sometimes the truth is better when it’s fiction,

It’s never written, never find a better prison,

Dealing with the dictions, when I’m beating then is switching us,

Something else shit I’m only runnin’ from myself,

But I’m runnin’ fast and I’m tired,

F*cking sleeping man

So f*cking on jewels

Pay all need that shit.

My whole f*cking life is a science experiment,

Terror is better when it’s there make the devil flick,

Pain is .. the roof is scared then appeal off

And the sky still hand rolling when the .. source,

I’m still best gone, been harder and look at

Pull on homie your things throw the urbans in my book back

Learn about that .. still no panic cause

Ain’t nobody feelin devil taught me how to crack

But I got about it half a right,

It ain’t in my book bed, bitch I’m always hot

That’s why I’m looking sad

Playin back full of kush burn the same bush most as heading conversation

When a nigga make a .. we run the train, we fin the date bitch

.. , shining place as shit,

I got the homies and your neighborhood knocking like these niggas lost your dog,

Mama looking for vice you better caught em all,

Look I’ma ball hard, I tell my niggas I ain’t been the ..

You ain’t gone done smoking Hawaii stunt

.. necklace is just to provide the stunt,

When all I’ll fit you what about me once,

I hit the ocean Florence out to slut,

The sinner great until the fine is dust

Amount nigga, like that

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