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Mac Miller - The Festival lyrics

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Yeah, yeah

Let me get a lil bit mo' beat


(Verse: Mac Miller)

Ask god if she believe in me and will she accept me as a deity

And tell me the secrecy won't keep ya free

I'm sleepin', won't dream until the demons leave

I took a nap, I need a tree in the shade

Feel the sharpness of the swords and blades of grass

Picturin' the images that make ya laugh

I left ya out to die but will ya take me back

Sumwhere in between the crazy and the conscious

She's naked underneath them shadows, let the sunlight undress her slow

I don't know who I am, I'm so good at doin' impressions though

I'm goin' to the festival, the festival need to let me go

I wake up, pop a couple Benadrylls, go back to sleep

So I made up, everythin' they said was real, it has to be

Cause actually the master fast asleep

And the castles back back in his private quarters

That's a master for ya, this a revolution, we don't have no order

All this torture, thought I had to warn ya

Leave it all behind and go to California

I'm past the signs, it's the real thing, try analyzin' this feelin'

Ya can't fathom

(Bridge: Little Dragon)

My hands are ahead the clouds

From the clap-clap thunder looking down

While you're runnin' around

I lift ya up when ya drown

Unlock the mission, the planet in rotation

Full speed chasing and you're always runnin' ahead

You're always runnin' ahead

Ya got second chances, happy birthday, sweet romances

And ya paddle like a duckling, why

Don't want to go, don't want to go, don't want to go to the festival

Ya got angels, we can see them dripping from the sky

Ya watch 'em wit yo third eye

Don't want to go, don't want to go, don't want to go to the festival

To the festival


Hola, Malcolm, Hey man, it's Luis man

I'm calling, man, to tell ya about the album

I listened, it's good, I need to tell ya, man

I tell everyone to listen to the music and it sound like they like it, man

It sound like it good, I tell my wife 'I'm so proud of him'

I tell my girlfriend 'I'm so proud of him'

And the album is good, it's so good, I cannot believe it

No one can beat ya

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