Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Street Knowledge lyrics

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Baby, just tonight, oh yeah baby, just….

Never, never, never, just tonight

Oh, baby, baby, baby, just tonight!

The empire strikes back, just like that

Keep my post clean, rocking it with price tags!

See a five dime on my…

Take her over to the crib for a …

It’s the life that chose for the music

The class clown, hip-hp, three students.

Still with the….

Gotta keep it moving

MCs and beats like it’s food that I’m chewing.

…you see me looking at you,

I wanna tell all your friends fuck the rapper!

Try to tell you that I’m down for the cause

So let me see that bootie get a round of applauds!

Oh my God, homies find women

Liquor on my cup, and got my mind spitting

Plus is wishing, about to put…

That’s the life that I’m living!<br />

<br />

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