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Mac Miller - SBTV lyrics

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What happens when I’m suicidal

Vibrations all through my spinal

From the hitch of the vinyl

My mind will be in the Bible

I will read the book and I’ll probably not understand a lot

Rolled into town yesterday straight from Camelot

Depressed is not a common language, they don’t mean a thing

The evil king from underworld accumulating bodies

This rap shit is turning into nothing but a hobby

‘Cause the pussies have already been fucked or are in the lobby, waiting

Dominating the matrix, kick it with God and Satan

Isolation through my veins into these constellations

Drug users, they wouldn’t let us join the club

So now it’s standard bitch massage, give my joints a rub

What’s the meaning of everything? Who the fuck cares?

We run scared ‘cause nothing’s fair and we won’t become aware

Pretend it don’t exist, ignorance – my only bliss

I think it’s me, at least I hope it is

I’m having conversations with myself, getting into arguments

When I’m out in London I be posted at the Parliament

Coke in the parliaments, chilling by some monuments

I’m in this, went after your body with godly hollow tips

To leave you holy, prepared for the apocalypse

60,000 on the roll, cookies with some chocolate chips

Rapping hippopotamus, motherfucking zoo keeper

I don’t do features, I snort glue and chew ether

Handful of sleeping pills, it’s only me I’m killing

Jack wanna sleep with Jill, she spill on my penis drill

Mister Jesus, could you save my life?

Pacing back and forth, waiting till they pass the torch

Life with a bitch about 40 and a sad divorce

Voice is hoarse, getting harder to speak

Remarkable things, talking mark of the beast

I’m walking with demons, I saw him talking with Steven Hawking

We see it often, bitch

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