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Good evening everybody

How's everybody doing

Just wanna ask a question, have ya, have ya

Have yabeen in luv before

Ya like yo vodka with a lil touch of lime

Ya should probably take yo heels off

Cos' you've been running through my mind

Oh baby, they say we're no good for each otha

And I can't really tell, what is this spell ya put me under

You're luv's not too kind to me

I hate the pain these days of rain

Ya're playin' games of hide and seek, my luv

And I'm still trying to find ya

I'm lookin' for ya babe

And I'm still tryna find ya

Through sunshine or rain


Yeah, ya got yo stained glass iris

Diamond behind yo eyelids

And _______(?) pilot fly

My heart skipped a beat like a scratched CD

Your skin smell like butterscotch and yo lips taste like kiwi

Let's take a plane to Fiji, make a date let's take it easy

Luv is power, swear there's sumethin' about her that make me nervous

Mother earth done gave us all a gift, she made ya perfect

Let's eat some mushrooms and go to the circus

Girl ya know I'm luvin' ya just like ya deserve it

So baby make me earn it, show me the way ya work it

Tell me what ya afraid of, I'll spit ya my favorite verses

Let's just go take a breath

I want it all, every ounce of luv that ya got left

Ya are my drug and luv to death

Feel free to fall, ya are a catch

I'm in yo heart, I'm in yo dream

So fuck the world it's ya and me

She is the only one that got away

If luv don't last foreva then foreva ain't the same


Yo luv is not too kind to me

The only thing on my mind is she

My luv, my luv, my luv, my luv

And I know that nothing lasts foreva

Nothing lasts foreva

(Verse 2)

And she is cool, calm and collected

I knew that ya was the one when I seen ya leave me breathless

Say okay I need a second day today, give me attention

I want to take care of ya

Marry ya, somethin' I'm prepared to, there can't be two

Ya was here I ran from ya

Scared to take that step

But now that I am ready, you're not

Hope yo new man make ya laugh like I do

I do not mean to worry ya with my obsession

I just want to be beside ya

I'm too nice, and I had to pay that price

Everythin' I do is wrong, everything ya do is right

Let's start a family, hold on to foreva baby

Yo pussy is a palace and yo head is crazy

That bomb is detonatin', look at this mess you're makin'

I am the king, ya are the queen, look at this chess we're playin'

Oh we had a luv that luv was record breakin'

I'm sick of waitin'


Yo luv is not too kind to me

The only thing on my mind is she

My luv , my luv , my luv , my luv

And I know that nothin' lasts foreva

Nothin' lasts foreva


So gimme all yo luv

And I will be yours, through rain and thru' shine

Gimme all of yo luv

Ya will be mine through rain and through shine

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah

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