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Mac Miller - PlaneCarBoat lyrics

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[Hook: Mac]

It’s a plane, it’s a car, it’s a boat

A planecarboat, a planecarboat, a planecarboat

It’s a plane, it’s a car, it’s a boat

A planecarboat, a planecarboat

A planecarboat, a planecarboat

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q]

Q, My pants gon sag forever, my top gon drop whenever

My gun gon shoot whatever, your hoe gon love me bruh

Richard James rag, that pussy came fast

All of this ball main, look like I fell out a plane

Walkin’ on water, impressin’ your daughter

Nothing to V it's a button for me

You got a key and them twentys is weak

Lookin’ like you done got that from the auction

When did you floss and (lose that shit)?

Not a scent, late for rent (road kill)

So wife for ass clap contest

All the home girls tryna fuck me after

Give me head and turn me to a conscience rapper

AmmmI could tell you how the world begun ‘em

Virgin Mary slutty sister’s son

At birth I was meant to come

Take over the world and fornicate with girls and

Dogging these kitties' pearls, it was on point like Earl’s and

Shit is easy as 1 2 to the 3

Can’t make out what could it be

Look up up up to the me


[Verse 2: Mac]

You can taste the wind ridin’ in the foreign with the titties out

Shit a million out, you just chillin’ at your bitch’s house

She on prescriptions trippin’ itchin’ for a different dick to mount

I’m givin’ out some dick to mouth resuscitation (breathe bitch)

The meanest genius, my style seamless I’m dope as fuck

Release my thesis, a piece on demons who spoke of love

Openly cope with emotion, only the strong survive

Along with my personified dog and my bionic eyes

Life a cartoon, turn it up

You probably heard of us, we murderers and you curious what the verdict was

Release me please or believe the evil is coming for ya

It’s me and a hundred warriors armed with swords and we sorcerers

Singin’ Gloria the morning that your abortion come

And so it goes, guess I'm in love I suppose

We fuckin’ these hoes, bitch I’mma jump on your bones

Reach in and pull out your soul like Jesus

[Hook x2]

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