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Mac Miller - No Photos feat. Most Dope lyrics

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Rolling on dubs, rolling on dubs, rolling on dubs

Rolling on dubs, rolling on dubs, rolling on dubs

Rolling on dubs, rolling on dubs, rolling on dubs

You are about to witness

Rolling on dubs, rolling on dubs, rolling on dubs

Rolling on dubs, rolling on dubs, rolling on dubs

To be honest, I don’t know what the fuck you bout to witness

It’s gonna be something, and I made this beat bitch, this is, start it off

On dreams, every time I come up with a scheme on scene

With the green on lean, seems so mean

Hoes coming out the freak bitch, you were watching tv

I’m just out here for my team hoe

Got a Masi and s 1950 Beam,

So they know me as the artist with a line of vintage t’s on

We smoke peace hoe, throw does, speaking numbers

Just for weak kids so go home, we don’t know you

I roll whole foods and blow black l smoke, I’m on the pound now

You prolly think there was a clown, no

East side to Cali though, don’t get it twisted

Cause we here loads down town, ribbons on a zipper hood

Crispy old stitching vintage pretty old hippy shit

Rather not shop and just go what I’m meant to get

For now I’m in the burgundy figures but California dreams, not so far distant here

I can’t lie, like the earn of black instead of stripes

Flipping big birds on the curve, I can’t turn to that

I’m in…where the airfield’s great, and I can never complain

I got a fam and we make ends

Make friends, know it’s blood or fuck off the dicks

All kicks not laugh, just all the pics

Red sheet you can’t have, so I’m here with Mat

3 jays on the track while he rolls his pat

And I’ll never let that back, so I used to hit mac off a pack

Just to get him cashed off

Now with past growing antique fabrics on him

Got me in this…

Gucci, Gucci, Louie, Louie, Fendi, Fendi, Prada

Ain’t show up in none of that, but she fin to give up that slobba

Just a thc fit and some based out vans

From the east side of Pittsburgh to studio city, we jam

You can bang it out your man or bang it out your sedan

Steamer to a …pina got some purple…

We stop smoking bullshit in ‘05, let that potent pass

Willy Whips … snoring off some silly chips

But since I’m on the west, I’m acting brand new, it’s damn true

Might have one of mad Hollywood honeys,…

Hit up Demi Levato, let her hold his dick for …

Me and Sofia Vergara, the pair while I’m out this way

No stunting, no fronting, we coast to coast man

You ain’t getting to vip unless you most dope fam

My man Billy kinda silly with the zip to the piff

If he hand you one off better give it a wiff

Give … another 40 a bitch

The way we balling out, you would think that we rich

I see you already know how the most dope roll

Off the henny and the o if we blowing off something

Best believe it ain’t that drough

Bitch suck my dick while I’m smoke this blunt, I’m gangsta

Wanna be part of the team, first compliment the genes…

The drop portions, hit the compartment for the greens doing

Donuts inside the apartment of your dream

So turn around bitch, make that tootsie pop pop

Block like a volcano, we be pushing rocks hot

I’ll do pulling no hoes, and you push a drop top…

When I’m hopping out the coupe with the pipe and the palm,

Lick my lips, raise my eyebrows, blow a kiss to your mom.

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