Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Knock Knock lyrics

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his is gonna feel real good, alright?

Most Dope

Everybody please put your thumb in the air

(Chorus x2)

1, 2, 3, 4 some crazy-ass kids come and knocked up on your door so

Let em in, let em in, let em in (hey)

(1st verse)

I feel like a million bucks

But my money don't really feel like I do

And from the ground I built my own damn buzz

People was amazed I was still in high school

But now I'm out, and money what im bout.

Tryin to get so much I can't keep count

New kicks give me cushion like whoopie

Keep a smile like im eat-in park cookie

Everything good, I'm white boy awesome

Up all night - Johnny Carson

I aint gotta Benz, no just a Honda

But try to get my money like an Anaconda,

Real, real long cross the country

Smoke joints in the whip, no cop can bust me

Drive into the stage, they applaud and scream

All the pretty girls come flock on me, yeah I rock the beat


Dj, hit meeeeee!

like my rhymes whitty, all my dimes pretty

if you got weed you can come fly with me

i dont take pitty on the silly little hoes

willie vanillie , but this is really how is goes

mouth my words dont say shit shhh,shut up bitch nd ride this dick

im just playin lets have a ball

all we need is some weed hoes alcohol

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