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Mac Miller - Jump lyrics

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Who's that on the otha end of the phone

Didn't hear nothin' when I said my hello

Oh well, to hell then we go

So high lookin' at heaven below

Ya know me though from coast to coast for smokin' dope

Ovadose with the holy ghost but hold the phones

I hold my own, was local grown

Been killin' that shit since row the boat

Know I'm supposed to hold the throne, be honest

One mo' drank, I'mma be an alcoholic

I don't wanna think like betta unconscious

Need fresh air that thing so toxic

I open coffin doors with a .38 when it's time for war

Told my mama ya ain't need no drama

Ya ain't got to cry no mo'


It'll be alright

My mind on the run I won't sleep tonight it's like

When it all goes up in flames who gon hold me down

And I'm the chosen one

Lookin' all around what has the world become

The only way to change it is to burn it to the ground

I've been gettin' paid

About four, five bitches in the Escalade, bet it rain

This money feel the same, I'm afraid that I'mma drown


You've neva been betta than me

From this prison I'm settin' them free

Open eyes, I'mma let ya see

This world is like our dreams

I'll throw it all away to celebrate one mo' holiday

I'm runnin' to the edge

And when I get there best believe that I'mma jump

Jump, jump, to see if I can fly

I wonder if I jump

Do ya think that I can fly

(Verse 2)

It's the life of an entertainer

I need that check go on get the waiter

Fuck a troll, this destruction mode

And these explosions don't need detonators

I met my maker in an elevator, he was headed to the top floor

We're quite similar, we just did our work and we were in it for a lot mo'

We were tryna change the world but we got bored

When I rip this show, got an encore

Back when we were still in school we didn't listen to the list of rules

Wrote a million words on the chalkboard

I don't need answers to the questions of intangibles

I told my homies the top so lonely but

We're not gonna die not now


You'll make it here, live free tonight till the day appear

Let's sit back right where we at and let this money pile

How do we get rich, if she actin' crazy I don't need that bitch

Wish I knew back then all the things that I know now

Go on and on, know I had this shit all along

Take a breath, feel this moment hold it just so ya can

Look where we at, look where we came from

When will we wake up, lost in translation


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