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Mac Miller - In The Bag lyrics

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Drivin' in my car

Who is comin' up to my car? What?

I know niggas think ya white and ya not bout

To go in with these bars, my nigga, but that is not the truth

Word to God I take anotha shot of Hennessy

If ya don't go in right now and meet yo fate right now, bruh


Okay, okay

Yeah, the hustle continues, man

Okay, okay

(You's a wild muthafucker, Mac)


So this the music that made white people mad

Yeah, this the shit to blow yo speakers out

This the shit ya dream about

Ya can know the world is up for grabs

Leave with everythin' cause everythin' is in the bag


When I was younger, I was just a little wild muthafucka

Tryna be like all the people on television

They had all the bitches that I wanted, all the cars and all the extras

Anythin' money could buy, they was spendin' millions

I was tryna get to pimpin', I was tryna blow up talkin' demolition

That boy got the devil in him, swear he need a exorcism

I'm all by myself, got no competition

Keep it real in a world that's filled with politicians

Ya want to talk about yo problems

Don't ya wish the life ya lived was muthafuckin' awesome

Don't ya wish ya had all the pussy, too much money ya could spend

Ya could get away and never see yo shitty life again



We never done with this shit

Here we come with that shit

I ain't stressin', I ain't worried bout nothin', don't trip

It's amazin' all the shit that I be comin' out with

Shit is real, tell 'em chill

Keep on bumpin' my shit

(Verse 2)

All my life I been a fuck up, never did anything right

That's why everyday I'm fucked up

Momma pray to Jesus Christ

Asking somebody to save me (Somebody save that boy)

But I'm way too muthafuckin' crazy (No one can save that boy)

All the kids is doin' drugs (Drugs)

They just want to break the law and find someone to fuck

(They wanna find someone to fuck)

Nobody doin' as they told (Little bad ass kids)

Everyone out of control (Fuck it, that's just how it is)

I'm self made, dream came true, I'm a miracle

Every time I put my dick inside a bitch, it’s spiritual

Got the whip that say wealthy on my steerin' wheel

Brand new model bitch made me waffles and some cereal

That's what I call a good mornin'

Yo mom work an extra job just to get ya Jordans

Just so ya could show up at yo school lookin' fresh and

I don't know bout you but me, I'm important (I'm so gorgeous)

Ya got money in yo pocket, ya the shit

Ya got everythin' ya want and bitches on yo dick

A couple grand got ya feelin' like the man

Everybody walkin' tall til they trip

They just cut the check, ya had to go and cop the whip

Drive up to yo ex's crib and tell her she ain't shit

There's just sumethin' about the money, make a muthafucka crazy

When I die, bury me in my Mercedes, god damn



(Outro x4)

Bumpin' my shit

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