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Mac Miller - I Love Life, Thank You lyrics

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A million mile fucking faggots on their ass,

Beotch, it feels amazing!

Ladies and gentlemen, [?]

The same kid, now famous [?]

Hey yow they keep on saying it's too bad

It's too bad but I don't sound like this, too bitch I'm mad!

Now these girls all trying to suck my dick, I rap

I made letter if I'm sipping that [?]

Too fly, some even in the sky,

Can't go out in public I better get to the sky

It's better to be yourself, don't ever slip [?]

While I'm driving with the [?] down, listen in the [?]

[?] I'm in love with all the simple things

Little things, I'll just be around [?]

I got some money, dude, some diamonds on a [?]

That's why your favorite girl, probably on my dangling!

[?] standing on a [?] rappers need to keep up, my bitch is double [?]

She fucking, she ain't no slut, and she know that!

She's freeze up, living in the moment [?]

[?] with the flash, get the picture

I ain't doing march, just [?] in this adventure.

[?] but I'm travelling in the world

With all these rappers at me hating

Like I'm battling with girls!

Hey [?] it's [?] hood be

But I ain't got no [?] you pussy!

I said this [?] hood be,

But bitch I ain't got no fucking [?] you pussy!

Yeah, bitch, that could be a [?]

You know I always rap, if it's ok with you!

And you can tell me if it was nice

Here we go!

Uh, hey yow I kinda want a [?]

I kinda want a grill

She met me at the party,

Now she kinda wanna chill.

I ain't on no pills, just a little weed [?]

Yeah I did a couple drugs, now they're calling me sheen!

This was all a dream, just a week ago,

Now I got [?] always had some weed to go

All these rappers work, but I never seen 'em flow [?]

Cause I don't give a fuck what you all think

No, I don't give a fuck what that dude on the block think.

Yeah, I've seen hate

Been a [?] of three days

Had to do what [?] always want a free [?]

You hold the way of the world, I bet you knees break

Put my dick in a bitch head, keep [?]

You can't keep that, fuck of [?]

You can keep the rest [?] if I bust on your face!

I'm just playing, mistaken [?]

[?] not a kid famous,

And he ain't even had to change shit, beotch!

A million mother fucker fans

I just wanna take a second to think, you hear me?

Thanks for fucking with the kid from day one!

Don't say I [?] november 8!

I see all [?]

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