Mac Miller

Mac Miller - I Come In Peace lyrics

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Ok, it's the high flying, sky diving

Hoes tell me five diamonds, mine and whining

Dropping gems with the finest timing

I'm eating acid, start to burn away my stomach lining

Coming with that fucking violence

Where's chaos, love is silent

My mom should've had another son

Maybe that would make my crazy ass less troublesome

I come in peace, but unleash this fucking beast inside me

You may need a CSI, investigate the scene when I leave

I start drinking what’s inside my IV

I'm poison ivy and my voice is whiny

New car, yeah, my toys is shiny

Drive it in the river, break the ice

Skate Monongahela in the winter

I'm a ninja, I might kick you in your fucking head

This is Pittsburgh, you looking like a fucking guest

I got a mayor fucking bitches in the south side

Tell 'em they can get a job, just to open up your mouth wide

You Mrs. Doubtfire, fake ass bitch

I keeps it constipated, we don't take no shit

Nothing for these hoes, Lego my ego trick

I'm a real a-hole, yeah ok

I'm with my bitch, watching Scandal in some Gucci sandals

Or whatever's on the movie channels

I drink whisky, start puking on my stupid flannel

Plot the tracing paper, I'm just tryna recreate a Van Gogh

The devil can't know my plans for destruction

The angels get eliminated, process of deduction

Red lights, rushing through it, noose like I'm Russian

I paid a foreign nun to bring the drugs in

I put the dope in the dumplings, the coke by the onion

Snort so many lines, it's disgusting

Open up the blinds, see the white light

I'm getting wasted with a bum, start a knife fight

Putting lights in my bitch bed

Drink Windex and go and swallow a match

I got the right hypes, need to borrow some crack

Got a problem with that?

I'm doing drugs with the coastguard

Smoke clouds coming through the sonar

I can beat my own ass with a crowbar ‘cause I'm so numb

I don't even know where my toes are

This is Mozart, dope art

I'm gonna have a daughter, name her Rosa Parks

Ok, look I said it, I'm a bitch ass bitch

That's why pre-teen girls be like, "This that shit"

But once they eighteen, they gonna kiss Mac's dick

Goddamn, I'm on some mismatch shit

God hate me, the devil don't like me either

I'm posted up with a forty and a wife beater

Murder rappers, keep they bodies in the freezer

Snort coke and have a minor seizure

Lost in amnesia, threesomes with Venus

And Serena, I can dream, huh?

I really miss the lean, bro

Bought my homie's team Jordans

Now they pitched an offer

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