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Mac Miller - Girls In The Palm Of My Hand lyrics

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I got girls in the palm of my hand

And they all wanna call me the man

But I’m out with the dough hoes puff

Girls on my dick like a poko ..

Up and down, up and down

Let me see you drop touch the ground

So hood when they f*ck me now

I know you’re hurt and i f*ck you around

Listen up now f*cking with them young sluts

Bust up so they mouth to the ..

Get dough in the back of the bus

I aint asking to touch just pass me the dutch

Looking out where I’m getting my cuttie

In the hoe put my dick in my ..

Full of money chips like .. text me

Every single day for the next week

..leave me alone just bone and i’m leaving ..

.. creeping my foe

No grass never wanna sex it

Next time I’ll be hittin ..

First impression got a around impression

Sexing, sexing, sexing sexing

.. like a smith in .. are you down for the ..

I’m getting ..right now with the ..

After the .. and i’ll be ..

Ja ja going talk to me now

Keep your lips for .. for a while

That’s the greatest i’m not hating

.. for a baby make us

Spin rap in the sack bitches wanna ..

...with the Jimmy ..

I want no ..if you mad girl taste my G

Stay poppin no bustin pushin their flood in the discussion

..had to put it in the ..

So crazy i had to put it in the ..

All night long got it all in the morning got to drop it ..

..that’s all your hoes

.. i know you know my number

To the doubie ..

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Wednesday 4th of April 2012 00:15
umm... these are practically the simplest lyrics ever and you goofed em. i got girls in the palm of my hand and they all wanna call me THEY man.... girls on my dick like a POGO STICK... i know you heard that i'm f*cking around listen numb nuts, f*ckin with them young sluts, bust nuts on they mouths and they guts, get DOME on the back of the bus i ain't askin to touch just pass me the dutch smoke an L while i'm gettin' my cuddie... and half the lyrics aren't even there....